Five of Five Music Entertainment (VVME) is a student-run, faculty-advised, music and entertainment label based out of the Music Industry Studies program at California State University, Northridge (CSUN). Since 1997, VVME has worked with a wide array of developing artists to help them make their mark in music. Positioning itself as an all-purpose music entertainment company, VVME provides the production and business expertise necessary for success in the modern music industry.

“Five of Five Music Entertainment offers amazing opportunities for our Artist-of-the-Year. Even if you have great music, it can be difficult in today’s market for an artist to cut through all the clutter and gain traction in the popular music market. We offer a team of young professionals ready to market and develop an artist’s image, along with record, video, and merchandise production. We’re excited to find an artist who is ready to take that next step in their career.”

– Adam Zanoff, Co-Executive Producer

Each academic year, VVME conducts a search to discover their next “Artist-of-the-Year”. Developing artists submit their work for review and selected finalists are given an opportunity to perform in a showcase performance. The Artist-of-the-Year selected from this performance is provided with artist and event management, a professionally recorded EP, as well as extensive marketing and social media coverage.

“Five of Five Music Entertainment provides the Music Industry Studies students at California State University, Northridge a unique opportunity to put learning to practical use. Students are tasked with finding, developing, producing, marketing, and managing an artist with the specific goal of helping that artist take the next step in their career. Throughout this yearlong project, students will develop the skills necessary to excel as industry professionals in a real-world setting.”

– Jesse Batten, Co-Executive Producer

Staffed by this generation’s most aspiring young music industry professionals, VVME continues to help their artists take the next step in their career, whatever that step may be.

Funding for the Artist-of-the-Year project is made possible in part by the generous support of the Mike Curb Music Industry Studies Endowment.

For more information on the CSUN Music Industry program, visit:

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