2014-2015: Goldboot

Five of Five Music Entertainment (VVME) has chosen Las Vegas based, disco-pop duo, Goldboot as “Artist-of-the-Year”. Over the next 5 months, VVME will work with Goldboot in recording an EP, producing an EP release party, producing a music video, as well as building their name, reputation, and fanbase.

“GoldBoot has shown us promising enthusiasm and dedication to their music and to their brand. We’re very eager to start working with them. Their sound is full of energy and charisma, much like their personalities. With where the industry is headed, we feel GoldBoot will have a great deal of success along with optimum marketing potential.”

Goldboot Official Site

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VVME Staff List: 2014-2015

NAME                                                      DEPARTMENT

Robbie English                                      co-Executive Producer

Ian Smith                                               co-Executive Producer

Jordan McWethy                                  Director of Business Affairs

Shaunt Sulahian                                  Director of A&R/Artist Management

Serena Sanders                                   A&R/Artist Management Team

Patrick Lu                                            A&R/Artist Management Team

Danielle Keegan                                  A&R/Artist/Management Team

Brandon Gomez                                   A&R/Artist Management Team / Physical Marketing Team

Christian Mendoz                               a&R/Artist Management Team / Industry Marketing Team

John Ryder                                          Director of Production / Photo/Video Production Team

Erin Reagan                                         Director of Production / Photo/Video Production Team

Kyle Duncan                                        Record Production Team

CHELSEA Foster                                   Print Production Team

Kevin Esteban                                      Record Production Team

George Baltakian                               Digital Marketing Team

Jennylee BUCKRAM                             director of marketing

Sadaf Ahrari                                      Industry Marketing Team / Social Media Marketing Team

Adam Kritzberg                                  Physical Marketing Team / Print Production Team

Joaquin Benavente                             Director of Events

Michael Clark                                    Events Team

Liza Hess                                             Events Team

Carlos Silva                                       Events Team

Christopher Beamon                         Events Team