2013-2014: Illustrated


Sean Layton, also known as DJ/Producer, Illustrated, was influenced as a child to commit himself to a life in music. To this day, he strives for excellence and expresses his strong passion for his music by endlessly developing his product, performance, and unique style in the hopes of gaining a musical relationship with the world. After countless projects and collaborations in a variety of genres, Sean Layton’s drive for music fell into the electronic realm. Then, in 2012, Sean moved from Texas to Los Angeles, CA to continue his pursuit with electronic music and to take Illustrated to the next level.


Sean Illustrated

Sean was one of three artists selected out of hundreds to compete in an artist showcase, organized by Five of Five Music Entertainment, a record label based out of California State University, Northridge. He was chosen as the “Artist of The Year” where he was provided with all the elements that a record label provides, such as Artist Management, Marketing, Production, and Event Management. Upon completion of Sean’s EP “Define Me”, Five of Five released the single “Tidal Wave”. From the start, Illustrated received much acclaim and praise from popular music blogs and YouTube channels, fans, and his peers in the Electronic Dance Music community.


Sean Illustrated (2)Illustrated is said to be a “virtuoso” when it comes to combining gorgeous melodies and hard-hitting intensity in his music. Illustrated’s strive to influence varies immensely throughout many genres. He has created a natural flow when developing songs, in which they are highlighted by the combination of melody, sophisticated beats, and dream-like textures.



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VVME Staff List: 2013-2014

Benjamin Byram Co-Executive Producer
Jordan Townsend Co-Executive Producer
Yuki Morimoto Line Producer
Chris Schiraldi Director of A&R/Artist Management
Lee Gentile A&R/Artist Management Team
Seth Goldstein A&R/Artist Management Team
Ryan Pressman A&R/Artist/Management Team
Andrew Seifert A&R/Artist Management Team
Zachary Shirey A&R/Artist Management Team
Hillary Shlutz A&R/Artist Management Team
James Brack Director of Production/Record Production
Gabe Morgan Director of Production/Record Production
Evan Pegler Photo/Video Production Team
Amy Peters Photo/Video Production Team
Natalia Youssef Photo/Video Production Team
Zach Ingram Print Production Team
Lauren Penn Print Production Team
Patrick Houston Product Development Team
Brooke Williams Product Development Team
Stephen Coler Record Production Team
James Rankin Record Production Team
Casey Tang Director of Marketing
Gilbert Castaneda Digital Marketing Team
John Ergen Digital Marketing Team
Max Sindermann Digital Marketing Team
Michael Veach Digital Marketing Team
Eric DeLuca Industry Marketing Team
Ellen Der Herder Industry Marketing Team
Clayton Paschen Physical Marketing Team
Keith Piazza Physical Marketing Team
Kevin Roberts Physical Marketing Team
Jennifer Lawrence Director of Events
Andy Hart Events Team
Erin McFarland Events Team
Joseph Pertusati Events Team
Sam Spainhower Events Team
David Tingley Events Team