2012-2013: The Nature


The Nature

The Nature is a four-piece band founded in Bakersfield CA, currently breaking into the L.A. music scene with their new EP entitled Nebula. Influenced by such artists as Circa Survive, Radiohead, and Incubus, The Nature’s creative use of abstract sounds and metaphors forges a uniquely hybrid alternative rock sound that resonates with fans on the leading edge of today’s music scene.

Although The Nature has only been together for a short time, their shared experiences growing up and enduring friendship has enabled them to develop their songwriting and sound at an incredible pace. The Nature was an immediate crowd sensation during their first show at “On The Rocks” open mic night and was quickly asked back to perform regularly. With these frequent and regular performances, they created a local buzz and quickly became known throughout much of the California musical community. Eventually gaining the interest of GRAMMY nominated and 11-year indie rock veteran Shiny Toy Guns, The Nature was asked to open the Bakersfield show during the Shiny Toy Guns’ nationwide tour. These experiences, coupled with their effortless and seamless interactions on stage, continues to provide The Nature with amazing professional opportunities such as performing at the famed Key Club in Hollywood.

The Nature is now prepared to let their talent and collaboration with Five of Five Music Entertainment take their career to new heights.



Bradly Godbey – Guitar

Born and raised in Bakersfield, CA, Bradly Godbey, age 25, grew up surrounded by music. He fell in love with music when learning to play a sloppy version of Black Sabbath’s “War Pigs” and has been playing ever since. On the side, Brad plays the drums, bass, and piano, but he sticks to guitar for The Nature. He says, “I love playing anything I can get my hands on.” Outside of The Nature, Brad considers his biggest accomplishment in music to be the many great experiences he has had touring with his church group across the west coast. With the hectic schedule of earning his Environment Resources Management degree, and pursuing his dreams of becoming a professional musician, he is sure it’s all about to pay off.

Scott Roberts – Lead Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard

The Nature’s lead singer, Scott Roberts, age 25, fell in love with music when he picked up his first guitar at age 13. He became so intrigued with the art of creating music, he began playing the piano as well. Currently working as a news photojournalist, Scott gives piano and guitar lessons on the side. Although he enjoys helping others find their love for music, he is excited and more than ready to take the next leap with his own music career. His life’s ambition is to become the best musician he can in order to connect with a large audience and travel the world.

Vincent Walter LiRocchi V – Drums, Background Vocals

Vincent LiRocchi, age 22, has been carving out his music career from an early age. Growing up around friends that were already in the music scene, they influenced him to sit down at his first drum set and join his first band. Vincent’s musical interests constantly challenge him to grow and develop musically. In addition to drums, Vince plays all the other necessary percussion instruments, and also provides background vocals for The Nature. Vince’s talent and dedication continues to pave his way to success.

Dustin Walkup – Bass

Dustin Walkup, age 25, started playing the guitar after breaking his femur bone in the 8th grade. After graduating from California State University, Bakersfield, Dustin turned his full focus on music. He loves going to live shows, watching sports and brewing beer in his downtime. Originally a guitar player, he moved to bass for The Nature and has clearly brought the influence of his favorite band, Radiohead, into the group. Constantly striving to develop musically, Dustin is eager to take the next step in the musical journey that lay ahead of The Nature.


VVME Staff List: 2012-2013

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