2009-2010: The Reflectacles

THE REFLECTACLES | 2009 – 2012

The Reflectacles

From what started as two separate groups of musicians joining together in southern California, The Reflectacles members Gerry, Micah, Lincoln, Logan, Devon, and Chris have a refreshing approach with their unique fusion of musical styles. Each member, having their own array of musical tastes and backgrounds, bodes well for the bands’ persona of eliminating the boundaries of sound. While largely influencing each other with their collective creativity, some of the most notable musical artists of all time inspire their sound. Tom Waits, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Woody Guthry, Willie Nelson, Radiohead, The Kinks, and Queen are some of the most prominent contributors to The Reflectacles’ fusion of folk, country, psychedelic rock, and contemporary styles.

With most of the band members making their start in music on piano, all have picked up other talents playing several instruments. While Logan is the lead vocalist, he often doubles on guitar and banjo. Likewise, drummer Micha often plays the harmonica, with keyboardist Lincoln doubling on the accordion. Other than incorporating a variety of sounds and genres in their music, The Reflectacles thrive on distinctive instrumentation and heavy harmonies.

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As a fairly new band, The Reflectacles have an impressive history along with exciting upcoming events. Most recently they have performed on the Queen Mary in Santa Monica, Ca., as well as opening up for the Merchants of Moonshine at the Coach House in San Clemente, Ca. They are worked with California State University, Northridge as the chosen Artist of the Year with students in the Music Industry Studies degree program from 2009-2010. Along with local gigs, the band plans to travel to Hawaii in May to perform, as well as Houston July 2-4 as the opening band for Willie Nelson. Amongst everything else, the band is putting together ideas for a concept album of about 15-20 songs, all incorporating stories and connecting interludes. As for their long-term goals, The Reflectacles want to continue experimenting with their sound, and be able to travel to different places to share their music.

With their vastly creative way of mixing different music styles together, The Reflectacles can be enjoyed by virtually anyone. As several performances are coming up both local and out of state, they are definitely worth checking out.

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