2006-2007: Test of Will


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Every member of Test of Will brings his own diverse contribution to the whole.Bassist Gordon Goldstine, Drawing his influence from such unique acts as The Mahavishnu Orchestra, Frank Zappa, Opeth and The Dead Kennedys, takes diversity to a new level. “I really enjoy putting an interesting twist into something that would otherwise be, maybe too normal, throwing a wrench into the process and just seeing what comes out.” Paying very close attention to every minute detail, Gordon crafts his lines to achieve a symbiosis with the percussion and guitar while adding his own special flare. Test of Will also relies very heavily on his youthful energy and strong stage presence to bring their live set to the next level and as the youngest member of the group, Gordon’s vigor is in no short supply.




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Vocalist Joshua Parsons, a veteran of the Chicago music scene, has been playing music for most of his life. Aside from vocals, Joshua is a skilled bass player, guitarist, and aspiring piano player. In Test of Will he brings to the table his abilities to create complex images and convert them into vivid streaming metaphors. “One of the greatest things you can accomplish s a writer, I think, is to accurately convey an emotion using an image you wouldn’t generally associate with that feeling. If you can construct something new like that and set it in a melodic format, it can literally bring tears to your eyes and if you’re lucky, someone else’s too.” Fronting this musically demanding group is no easy task, but with Joshua’s ambition, talent, and attention to detail, he completes the circle of this musical force that is Test of Will.






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As one half of the founding members of Test of Will, Kevin Comden takes this position as a guitarist very seriously. “I’ve known for a very long time that this is what I want to do with my life and if I want to make this my career, everything has to be perfect.” Kevin has been composing music since he first picked up the guitar over ten years ago, refining his technique while building an impressive catalogue of songs. It is from this catalogue that some of Test of WIll’s most memorable riffs were harvested. Songs with such driving guitar lines as “Again”, “Now or Never”, and “Solids Collide” all stem from an ever growing line up of compositions that continues to be built today. With an insatiable appetite for new music and a diverse sense of song structure and melody, Test of Will shall continue to be driven by Kevin’s bottomless wellspring of talent, dedication, and passion.





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Every band needs its “papa”, enter drummer, Patrick Coggins. As the other founding member or Test of Will, Patrick has been instrumental in driving this band’s course forward by assuming a majority of the band’s business and management responsibilities. He realizes that if success is to ever reach Test of Will, it’s going to take a little more than a love for playing music with his bandmates. “It’s often like trying to steer a ship in the right direction. You can envision it’s destination and see the path ahead, but you never realize how challenging the journey is until you set sail.” Having studies and played jazz for much of his youth, Patrick continues to infuse his rock beats with interesting accents and musical grooves not completely standard to the rock idiom. He believes that music can be great regardless of distinctions in style. It’s his passion for creating expression through music, and the prospect of sharing it with others around the world that fuels his relentless desire to see Test of Will succeed in every way imaginable.

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Trevor Barrett Co-Executive Producer/Finance
John Kowalsky Co-Executive Producer
Jenna Forbes Line Producer
Stephanie Cope Artist Development
Megan Geraghty Artist Development
Byung Ham Artist Development
Chris Lammers Artist Development
Ayako Toyama Artist Development
Edwin Figueroa Marketing
Cindy Noriega Marketing
Larry Park Marketing
James Wood Marketing
Fenny(Ming Fansisca Media/Art
Dobren Michaels Media/Art
Rebecca Nazarian Media/Art
Peter Holbert Production
Isabel Quiros Production
Kiyoshi Tsujii Production
Christopher Johnsing Publicity
Jocob Lassen Publicity
Justin Moe Publicity
Teddy Shrader Publicity
Stephen Williams Publicity