2001-2002: Darby Hughes

Darby Hughes

Darby Hughes is a native of southern California. At the time of the commencement of the project, he was 22 and had been playing music for 12 years, working to perfect both his ear and his songwriting abilities.
Darby honed his talents as a member of to ska bands, To Many Daves and The Spectaculars. The opportunity to play in these bands gave him a chance to express the creativity and emotions he had been holding inside for so long.
His additional talents as a sax and keyboard player enabled him to write most of the material for both projects. But there was still more: He also contributed background vocals. In total, his varied skills brought life to his musical ideas. He felt that his early training in music theory was finally starting to pay off.
After the ska bands broke up, Hughes taught himself to play guitar and bass while he continued writing. He also began recording his new material, combining all of his varied talents. He realized that with a lot of hard work, he might actually have the ability to turn his love for music into a full-blown career.
Darby Hughes is an exceptional talent not to be overlooked. Many believe that his unique sound and intense compositions and lyrics are what is missing in much of today’s popular music. Students here in California State University, Northridge are confident that Darby Hughes will achieve musical success.

Production Credits

name                                                                Department

Matt Korprowski                                         Executive producer

Steve Weil                                                      A&R

Edward Bowden                                           Production Manager

Kristin Warfield                                          Marketing/publicity

Sandra Graneau                                           Finance/accounting

Carol Tyree                                                  Line producer                                                  Jermeal Hicks                                              engineer


Darby Hughes                                               vocals, rhythm guitar, bass

Matt Roberts                                                lead guitar

Evan Peters                                                   drums


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Michael Acosta

Mark Alonso

Carly Bezilla

Yanseub Cha

Sang Chung

Jeff Dean

Ryan Haker

Evelyn Hernandez

Jin Higuchi

Karmann Hillman

Steve Hobbs

Kei Kawauchi

Lee Leftridge

Wendy Marin

Aki Mastumoto

Matt Maulding

Jas Niesluchowski

Motomi Oiwa

Evan Peters

Hiram Sanchez

Earl Smith

Mirka Stylc

Lindsay Weitzel

Ryan Welker

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