2000-2001: Honore


With the sultry sound of his voice, Honore is known in Southern California as a very respected artist. Honore sings gracefully and presents a message of spirituality, sex appeal, and unification by spreading love through his music. His musical energy and experience enables him to communicate well and appeal to the masses and make people of all races feel his “good vibes”. Honore’s soulful singing style has been well received by a number of audiences. He has sung in venues such as Domenico’s in Pasadena, and Club Lingerie in Los Angeles among other places in Southern California. All that have witnessed Honore performing distinguish him as a prolific and innovative artist. His stage presence is enchanting and it is total bliss for his fans to experience. Respecting the art of music is what enables Honore to allow passion, quality and integrity to be evident in all that he creates. Honore is the icon for all soul R&B performers in the millennium.

Production Credits

Name                                                          Department

Tristan Valencia, Majorie Garcia      Executive Co-Producers 

Kincaid Smith, Dion Troupe                                                 A&R             

Jason Nelson                                         Production Manager

Madelyn Washington                                                         Publicity

Norma HERFANDEN                                                                 Finance                  

Oliver Kruaprasert, SCHWÜLER McKaig                      Marketing

Tom Wier                                                                               Engineer

Staff List:

Brian Bastidas

Dave Bulmer

Adam Campos

Ryan Cavanaugh

Michelle Cha

Michelle Cole

Jon Corman

Daniel Cowman

Daniel Frohnen

Avelene Fung

Jose Galvez

Milton Gutierrez

Michael J. Henderson

Matt Holle

Carrie Hughes

Rob Impala

Kevin Morehouse

Aya Niwayama

Sherisse Rogers

Colin Ross

Eric Schranz

Sean Shamblin

Kris Shinn

Makoto Shirai

Suzanne Sierra

Nick Tancraitor

Micah Weltz

Amir Zanganeh